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Forensic Interviews

How We Help
A forensic interview is an interview conducted by a trained professional for minors that have disclosed abuse, sexual assault, witnessed a violent crime, or where abuse is suspected. Developmentally disabled adults or adults who have experienced extreme trauma may also receive this form of interview.

The purpose of a forensic interview is to gather a child's statement about their disclosure in a neutral, non-leading, non-suggestive manner while also considering the child's emotional needs, developmental level, and safety. A forensic interview allows for the investigative agencies (law enforcement, Child Protective Services, DA's office) to assess for safety issues, service needs, and possible criminal acts.

All forensic interviews conducted at the GC CAC/SAC are audio and video recorded and can be used as evidence in court cases or for medical and mental health treatment purposes.


A trained interviewer spends the first part of the session building rapport with the child so they feel comfortable before answering tough questions.


Investigative agencies can watch the interview from another room. This helps avoid re-questioning.

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